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What collectors have to say........


"We have seven of Lynn's art pieces, and they have transformed our home! Her art has drawn such attention from our friends, neighbors, and visitors, that we  often end up giving a tour of our house to show off her work. We feel privileged to enjoy Lynn's artwork daily in our home."  Ray & Christine

"Velma Lake"

I met Lynn Neuman over a decade ago in MI. My friends and I vacationed in Saugatuck most summers and would walk by her gallery in the town of Douglas at night admiring her paintings through the window. I was lucky enough to purchase her "Color of Rain" painting that she did when she was in Italy for a summer. That was about 12 years ago.

When I returned to Saugatuck after my first couple of paintings from Lynn, I found her gallery closed. It was so upsetting I started asking around to find out what happened to Lynn. I learned from another business friend she lost her daughter in a car accident and closed the gallery. When she agreed to meet with me at her house I found her paralyzed with grief and unable to paint or function in general. I encouraged her to channel that with her art. Lynn gradually got back to traveling and painting again.


I have since then added at least 7 more pieces that combine watercolors, oil on canvas, abstract and a commissioned piece. When people visit our home from friends to contractors to cleaning people every one comments on how much they love our artwork. Lynn is an unbelievably gifted artist. She has a plethora of different kinds of paintings that can transform all spaces.

I highly recommend her as a person and artist!

Susan Farrell

color of rain.jpg

"The Color of Rain"


"The Cinema Tropic"


"My daughter lost her kitty awhile back. I found a beautiful picture that she had taken of him, so I decided to have Lynn paint a picture on canvas for her. I was amazed at the detail she put into the painting from the way his fur stood up on his back to the exact color she put into his eyes. My daughter was beyond thrilled with the painting. She said she loved all the special details that Lynn captured in the painting. I would definitely recommend her to do anything that you want painted. She is amazing."  Wendy

"I purchased a stunning piece of artwork by Lynn. It is a floral consisting of pink roses surrounded by other white flowers and lovely greens. It's framed in soft gold. The floral captured me at first glance and has left an indelible impression. It provides feelings of warmth and comfort and I could't be more pleased with this beautiful piece of artwork."  Judith

pink roses mug_edited.jpg

palette knife painting in oils

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