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As an artist, I am always evolving and excited with every new work. I work primarily in  oils, and acrylics, but equally proficient in watercolors. My family history is filled with artistic talent. Art and music flow throughout my lineage. This DNApulled me in the artistic direction at a young age, as I began my journey as an artist.

Born in Holland, Michigan, I received my BFA with honors from Kendall College of Art & Design, located in Grand Rapids, MI.

My education was enhanced with follow up studies in Perugia, Italy at the Accadimi di Belli Arti.

Having a keen eye for color, composition, and balance is reflected in my diverse collection of paintings.  Creative florals bring joy and color into a home while my dynamic abstracts come from my inner energy, that intuitively transfers onto the canvas. Music is the driving force behind these full one of a kind paintings that give a visual to unseen energy.

It is my hope that the viewer will  experience my waterscapes with a sense of serenity , as a reminder of our deep connection to nature and water.

"As a child I spent my days exploring and playing near the creek in the woods that surrounded our house. I suppose

this love of flowing water was embedded into my heart. It wasn't until I moved to Lake Tahoe and began hiking the Sierra

Mountains, that I really fell in love with the many cascading falls and have the desire to paint them. An expression of the heart. Ironically the biblical meaning of my name is Waterfall, a cascade."

Travels have inspired many of my paintings, showing the viewer what I see, and bringing a new point of view to what goes unnoticed in our hurried fast paced world. With years of painting and hundreds of artworks, I continue to pursue excellence in my work.

Among my accolades I was featured in the Best of Acrylic Magazine, September 2021. Placing in the top three of the Acrylic

Works 8 Competition, out of over 1000 entries from the U.S. ad Canada.

It brings me joy to have many private collectors throughout the U.S., who are enjoying my artwork in their homes.


About Lynn

Outdoor adventures, my inspirations

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Organizations I support  are

Compassion International

Save the Children,  

Doctors Without Borders,

ActionAgainst Hunger

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