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The act of creative expression has always been a passion. The ease of working with the brush and keen sense of color come naturally. I was self taught at a young age, practicing the craft with the sole desire to master it. Intuitively sighting and scaling up drawings around age 7.  I believe I was born to be an artist. The art section at the local library became my source of knowledge. Checking out piles of books on the masters to pour over.


I'm often asked " What do you like to paint?", I reply, "I simply love to paint, whether I'm working on a realistic oil painting or a expressionistic abstract in acrylics, I love painting." My work is diverse for this very reason, expressing myself through my artwork. As an artist I'm always evolving, excited with every new work.

An honor graduate from Kendall College of Art and Design, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with extended studies at the Accademi di Belle Arti in Perugia, Italy.

Since moving to Tahoe City, California from Michigan, this new environment has had an influence on my work. My love for hiking and the outdoors brought about my latest series of water and rocks.

This love of the mountain terrain, and my talent combined to an award winning painting, "Canyon Song."

Awarded third place in the Acrylic Works 8 competition, over 1000 entries from the U.S. and Canada.

Featured in the Best of Acrylic magazine, September issues 2021.


I welcome commissions, any subject that you have in mind for that special painting.

Outdoor adventures, my inspirations

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Organizations I support  are

Save the Children, https://www.savethechildren.org/  

Doctors Without Borders, https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/

ActionAgainst Hunger