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Custom Pet Portraits

Simply contact me to to discuss everything about your commissioned painting to make it your treasured memory. I will use the photos you send me as my reference, I can work with multiple photos as well. Professional grade oil paints are used on a stretched canvas, for a life long quality portrait that will last for years to come.


     1 pet                  2 subjects


8 x 10 - $200.00           ----

11 x 14 - $300.00       $375.00

16 x 20 - $400.00       $475.00

20 x 24 - $475.00       $550.00

Painting comes unframed, the side of the canvas are white or can be painted. If you would like a person or another pet in the portrait, contact me with your ideas and I will quote you a price for the extra subjects.

To get started email me a picture or pictures to start the process of creating your special professional portrait.

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